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decking grooves up or down uk

  • "Reversible decking boards" Please explain - Google Groups

    grooves down. This is confirmed by experience. A 4.2m deck board 145mm x 28mm will be incredibly strht, no more than a few mm out over the run. I reckon the numptys who run the sheds looked at the boards used in the USA and assumed incorrectly, through lack of experience, that the grooved side should be up.

  • The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner -

    Ive seen it done: the owner is standing there, his trouser legs rolled up, his knees red. True, his deck looks great from the pontoon. But if you look carefully youll see grooves in the planks where the softer areas of grain have simply vanished.

  • Decking - Flat side up or grooved side up? DIYnot Forums

    Hi All, Just about to lay 40m2 of softwood decking and have been swaying from laying flat profile up or grooved profile up. It seems a lot of designs tend to go with the flat profile these days, I think to emulate the look of hardwood decks, but I'm worried that this may be too slippy.

  • Decking Boards - Garden Deck Boards -

    Order Decking Boards from AVS Fencing Supplies, one of the UK's biggest deck suppliers. Benefit from click and collect or £29.99 fixed rate UK delivery.

  • Decking Profiles - The Decking Network

    Grooved Decking. This is also a known as a reversible decking board, smooth on one side and Grooved on the other, the amount of grooves depend on the board width. It should in all instances be installed grooved side down. Exterpark Classic. This was the first side fixed decking profile, created in 1984, smooth finish and eased upper corners

  • DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts and Service Landing

    All timber decking becomes very slippery when wet, increasing the risk of injury. Anti-slip or non-slip decking is grooved timber decking enhanced to provide a secure grip, even during the biggest downpour.

  • Should decking grooves face up or down? BUILD

    There is a long-standing and surprisingly fiery debate on about whether the grooves or reeds, as they're called on a decking board are intended to be placed face up or face down.

  • Decking expansion gaps Page 4 Screwfix Community Forum

    I don't particularly believe advertising, but when the makers say 'Look, this is our decking' showing it installed grooves up, you tend not to question it too much. Mr. HandyAndy - Really Mr. Handyandy , Jun 5, 2014

  • Should Decking Ridges Face Up or Down? - Softwoods

    Decking timber usually have ridges that run along the length of the board. Also called grooves or reeds, these ridges on the board may face up to provide functionality and aesthetics. Or they may be installed facing down, the orientation recommended by manufacturers as the correct way to install them. Up and Away. The reeded side of

  • Anyone used teh smooth side of decking? - Page 1 - Homes

    The UK climate is just not designed for decking it had recommended it as it the mildew build up wasn't as great as in the grooves of the 'normal' side. decking down on my patio the

  • Decking planks, grooves up or down - G Scale Central

    Decking planks, grooves up or down. Thread starter 38thfoot; Start date 13 Oct 2016; Forums. do I lay them grooves up which possibly traps water or grooves down which exposes more surface area to dampness from below? 38 . I have come across two or three types of decking. Some with wide spaced grooves and plain smooth back, others with

  • Should grooved decking face up or down? - TDCA

    Should grooved decking face up Should grooved decking face up or down? The answer to this question lies in whether or not you have a dual sided board. £36.00 UK / £40.00 Europe/ROI / £47.00 outside Europe get a copy > List of cladding members. get a copy >

  • View topic - Poll - Grooves up or down on decking ? Home

    grooves down Our previous house had grooves up merbau, what a waste. Not only did everything underneath rot through but it was painful to walk on after a while. The boards also had cracks from the nails as well. Definitely go grooves down from now on.

  • Decking - reeded side up or down? -

    The grooves in the decking definately go face down. They are designed to keep the moisture from collecting on the timber and causing it to rot. Lay it face up and you will get a very short life span from your deck.

  • Decking - grooved side up or down? - Renovate Forums

    Decking - grooved side up or down? Hi all I have lived in a house that had a grooves up deck and you have to sweep it with the grooves, which doesn't always work out to be the direction you want the dirt to go. Finally, if you install it groove side up, some people are going to tell you it's upside down.

  • Grooved vs smooth Timber Decking and Cladding Association TDCA

    In the USA, where timber decking extremely popular, the smooth deck board predominates. In Australia, they advocate to use the grooves face down stating that grooves or reeds on a decking board are designed to allow for airflow underneath the boards to stop moisture and mould build up.

  • Slippery Wood Deck Surfaces? How to prevent decking from

    Slippery Wood Deck Surfaces? How to prevent decking from being slippery Seasonally you should clean the deck off by brushing down and hosing off with water any residue, power washers low setting can be used, however care should be taken not to damage the deck. Why should I purchase smooth deck boards and not grooved deck boards?

  • Forum: Decking grooves, up or down Bosch Professional

    Decking grooves, up or down. Action Report crispier. Activity. Sector experience since not enabled Sector Other woodworking The grooves or reeds on a decking board are not there as an anti-slip measure, nor are they there to make your decking look prettier. They are designed to allow for airflow underneath the boards to stop moisture and

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