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  • Staying Fit After 50

    "Energy in" is the food that you eat and "energy out" is the amount of activity that you do. You will need to do a combination of three things to stay fit after 50:

  • Will Israel Survive?

    Israel's Independence Day, celebrated this week, is an odd holiday for Jews. It is a happy day, with picnics and singing and joy at the existence, after all these millennia of wandering, of a

  • Karma Character

    The young man who would call himself Karma originally ran into the reformed Doom Patrol, battling along their side and later joining them. He had the psionic ability to disrupt others motor reflexes.

  • The Last Guardian News

    The Last Guardian and Ico creator Fumito Ueda shared a few small details about what he's working on next. See all the categories and nominees for this year's Game Developers Choice Awards. Our

  • Top Metal Railing Manufacturers deals at mySimon Compare

    Size 12 H x 24 W x 0 1 D ArtWall 7van004ap On The Railing is a stunning reproduction featuring two young children sitting on some metal railing overlooking the sea A wonderful Results from the CBS Content Network

  • CDs and DVDs Aren't Indestructible

    Irons is still pretty happy with CD technology, since it beats vinyl LPs and tape for longevity. Now that he's moved his discs to an apartment with a more stable temperature, he's noticed that the

  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Review

    Review Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Review First Released ground or when you take out an enemy sniper and see him slump dead over a railing. At other times, the rag doll effect lives up to its

  • We The People Under Glass

    The documents, displayed at the Archives since 1952, were shielded from the public when the building's enormous marble and limestone rotunda was closed to tourists on July 5, 2001, for renovations.

  • The Perpetual Adolescent

    Rock 'n' roll presented a vinyl curtain, with those committed to retaining their youth on one side, those wanting to claim adulthood on the other. The Beatles, despite the very real charms of

  • New Cancer Vaccine Awaits Gov't Approval

    Right Rail - Video Promo - Listing Winter storm Midwest A deadly winter storm is blasting snow and ice along a 1,400 mile stretch from the Central Plains to the Mid-Atlantic coast.

  • See all the tech brands and gadgets that died in 2018

    DEAD: Netflix viewer reviews Last year, Netflix dropped its star-based rating system in favor of the binary thumbs up/thumbs down; this August, it did away with user reviews as well.

  • Oldest American celebrates 116th birthday

    The research group, which consults with the Guinness Book of World Records, found that the 1900 Census listed Weaver as 2 years old - putting her birthday in 1898, said Robert Young, the research

  • Should parents snoop on their kids online?

    Now that American kids have greater access than ever to the Internet -- not just at home, but on mobile devices wherever they go -- parents are facing a new set of dilemmas: should you monitor

  • Report: U.S. life expectancy lowest among wealthy nations

    None of the 16 other countries included in the review came anywhere close to that ratio. Finland was closest to the U.S. ranking with slightly more than two violent deaths per 100,000 residents.

  • Do presidents age faster? What new study shows

    Right Rail - Video Promo - Listing Winter storm blankets mid-Atlantic Millions of Americans from the Midwest to the East are digging out from the biggest snowstorm of the season.

  • Uncovering Secrets To Buying Sheets

    House and Garden magazine tells The Saturday Early Show everything needed about buying bed sheets for a good night's sleep. Brooke Stoddard from House and Garden explains that there are four different

  • Atom Smasher Character

    The Godson of the original Atom, all Al ever wanted was to be a super-hero. Achieving this, he's found himself on both sides of the fence, a hero of the JSA and an enemy of them, with Black Adam.

  • This week on "Sunday Morning" December 9

    In 1985 a top-secret Cold War search for two missing Navy submarines in the Atlantic would lead to discovering the final resting place of RMS Titanic, the luxury liner that sunk on April 15, 1912

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