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can you tile over out fence tiles

  • How to manage both the Start menu and Start screen in

    Color the Start menu and Start screen Okay, now let's say you want to customize the colors and appearance of the Start menu or Start screen. Click the Start button and return to the Settings screen.

  • How do I create a diagonal floor for a 2nd story porch

    How do I get it to allow me to lay it out in a diagonal only half the floor tile filling the square at a diagonal so i can remake the porch just like the other one? also how do i lay down diagonal fence pieces? the porch has a diagonal fence going around the diagonal floor tiles

  • Quick Tip: Create a tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen

    Over the past two months, I have had several email requests from Windows and Office Blog readers asking how they can create a tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen for an application they have installed.

  • Tesla's solar roofs could revolutionize the industry

    The interesting thing is for the houses you see around you, are all UNKNOWN houses. So we're gonna show you, this is the before shot of that house over there.

  • How to tame the Windows 8 Metro Start screen

    You can also move tiles away from each other by putting them into individual groups. Drag a tile to the right or left of its current group until you see a transparent vertical bar.

  • How to turn Windows 8 Metro live tiles on and off

    You first need to open and potentially set up the app for which you want to see a live tile. Among the apps in the new Windows 8 Release Preview that can tap into this feature are Mail, People

  • How do you know a quarry tile is safe to cook on

    Many years ago some ceramic glazes contained lead, which caused health problems when exposed to acidic food, like in an orange juice pitcher. Quarry tile, as long as it's un-glazed, is made from clay, which is exactly what a fancy pizza stone is made from.

  • ceiling tile no support limit

    how many ceiling tiles can you place out from a wall. i have a large dino pen as part of my base with space to expand if i ever need to. i want to completly roof the top so my fliers can mate going to use greenhouse for some skylight .

  • How to switch between the Start menu and Start screen in

    Operating Systems How to switch between the Start menu and Start screen in Windows 10. Both are available in Microsoft's new version of Windows, but you can choose which one to work with.

  • 2048 starts easy; gets hard. Here's how to make it

    Turns out, though, that it actually is easy -- if you understand the game's logic. The Threes-like puzzle game sucks you in by making it seem easy to hit the magic number. Turns out, though, that

  • Lifx Tiles bring smart but glitchy color to your walls

    A five tile starter kit costs $250. Now the really neat thing about LIFX tiles and the thing that separates them from their chief competitors over at Nanoleaf is that you can put multiple colors

  • Manipulating Windows 10's Start Menu

    You can add special folders to the Start Menu. Use small tiles. Now, if the show most used applications feature doesn't display enough of your applications, you can try the small tile group technique.

  • Find your missing stuff with the Tile Mate tracker 4-pack

    Enter the Tile Mate, a small, Bluetooth-powered, well, tile that pairs with your phone. With it you can use your phone to locate whatever the Mate is attached to: keys, purse, backpack, etc.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 101: Customize your Start screen

    You can tap, hold, and drag the OneNote tile over to another tile. If you drop OneNote on top of another tile, these will be added to a group. If you drop OneNote on top of another tile, these

  • Pro tip: How to reconfigure the Start Screen in Windows 8

    However, you'll discover that the Small tiles have a pop-up text label that appears when you hover over a tile momentarily Figure E . Figure E Every Small tile has a pop-up text label.

  • Start Menu nesting app tiles

    Exactly like an iPhone I can click and hold the mouse on a given app tile and then drag it over another app tile and hover above it for about a second. The two tiles now "merge" into a single tile

  • Mahjong

    When your opponent discards, if the tile he throws out can complete a meld in your hand, you have the option of taking that tile to complete the meld: "Pon" is taking the third tile of a triplet. "Chi" is taking the third tile in a run.

  • Customize Windows 8 News and People tiles

    The People tile can be overwhelming if you have very active Facebook and Twitter feeds. Fortunately, you can filter the Whats new section of the People tile to show one or the other.

  • Porcelain tile question

    Have loads of high quality porcelain tile on the floors in the foyer, cooking kitchen, breakfast room and Florida room. No chips or cracks. Tile itself was over $6.00 sq/ft which is well beyond the big box stores or builders quality.

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