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  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Psy

    * Now, head North on the island you are on, then go across the bridge to Pn Island, and get to Love Fist before the 1 minute 30 time limit runs out. ===== 4.12.2 "Psycho Killer" Reward: $4000 There is a crazy Psycho who is sending threats to Love Fist, and they want you to take care of him. * Drive the 2 chance only Love Fist Limo to the gig venue Pink Dot . * When you get there you will

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy FAQ/Walkthrough for

    Thanks to GTA3 Addict CHOPPER MISSION 4 DOWNTOWN : From the bridge connecting Pn Island to the west island, travel west and turn left at the first intersection. Turn left at the first intersection. Turn left at the T intersection. Shortly after making the turn you will see a set of stairs to your left on the side of the building. The helicopter is located on the west end of the roof

  • The Simpsons Game FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by SubSane

    5 This one's on the island in the center of the Frogger river. 6 Lift the pipes at the end of the level and place them so that the T-pipe is the first one on the left and the small curved pipes are placed above it. Then, simply use Bart and the updraft from the curved pipes to reach the collectible on the left. Mob Rules ===== Lisa ===== 1 Drop onto the ledge near the first Hand of Buddha

  • Furniture finish

    Hello, I am an armature reclaimed wood furniture maker. I am working on a kitchen/bench table out of a river willow tree I cut down on our ranch. I like using organic materials when ever I can. My question is, can I use miwax poly acrylic over mineral oil or possibly a red wine finish? And is the poly acrylic safe and or nontoxic for a kitchen table? Image Title Optional Caption Optional

  • The Simpsons Game FAQ/Walkthrough for PSP by awutow15

    Both Homer and Marge have collectibles in this part of the level: At the Health and Mana bar, Homer's first Duff bottlecap is sitting on one of the benches outside. And around the outer perimeter of the level, Marge's first Try-n-Save coupon is sitting near the right half of one of the bridges after going around the nearby corner . After clearing the first part of the level, you go through a

  • Report: WoodSpoon in Downtown w/photos

    The tables and benches are the color of pine and each table has a small white vase with flowers. There even a a few recycled chairs thrown in for color. There even a a few recycled chairs thrown in for color.

  • Keely Smith

    Southern California private detective Kinsey Millhone was the alter ego of Sue Grafton April 24, 1940 - December 28, 2017 , author of the bestselling "alphabet series" of mystery novels, which

  • The Simpsons Game Collectible Guide for PlayStation 2 by

    Sitting on a bench in front of the bar is Homer's first Duff bottlecap. 2 - At the far end of the Great Hall, after using the rising platforms to get Homer to the upper level, Kill the Moe-looking enemy, then take some helium from the helium tank. Rise strht up towards the ceiling, then make your way to the right side of this upper part of the room to find Homer's second bottlecap. 3 - In

  • Dream Kitchen on a budget. Please help with appliances

    Australia; U.K. Browse All Locations We did replace a small island with a large one topped with a custom maple Boos block, installed by my dude who is only standard-handy. We went with a door style that's similar to what we had. The counters are black and white Surf White granite, a very inexpensive option, about $2600 for over 80 linear feet, installed. And of course, the small subway

  • Sim Mania 2 Text Dump for PC by VinnyVideo

    Landgraab divides his time between his condo in the city and his hacienda on the resort island of San Cordelia. BUREAU OF OVERSIGHT The Bureau of Oversight is the federal liaison to city government, operating under the jurisdiction of the SimNation Department of Obscure Intentions. With bureaucrat Fred Smith at the helm, the Bureau of Oversight has enjoyed higher funding and lower

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