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can fence panels be made out of shiplap

  • CBS Evening News

    Visit the CBS Evening News. Watch CBS News videos, view pictures, read world news features, find consumer alerts, reporters blog and more.

  • Secret Service Director Julia Pierson steps down

    Secret Service Director Julia Pierson offered her resignation Wednesday after several security breaches affecting the White House and President Obama became public, Department of Homeland Security

  • Here are the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

    Even though Guillen was shot, she managed to climb a fence and get out but later died at the hospital. AP writes that Guillen worked as an assistant general manager at a pizza restaurant, and went

  • Molecule Man Character

    The Molecule Man tried to make the most of this time. First he tried to make a force-dome to protect Denver, but the Beyonder found out and effortlessly broke it. Then he tried to collect all the

  • From Comics to Film: What's an Acceptable Change?

    There's almost always going to be changes from the source material to the big screen, but what can we overlook and what sets us off? *Contains Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine spoilers

  • James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Walkthrough

    The hole that the Q-Spider blows in the wall can make taking out the enemies inside much easier. When this mission first starts have Bond kill the guy that is in the room with him, then pick up

  • Democratic lawmaker aims to block border wall funding with

    The No Taxpayer Funding for the Wall Act, obtained first by CBS News, is sponsored by Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wisconsin, and would prohibit the use of federal funds to build a fence, wall or any

  • Doctor Who "The Caretaker" Review: Who's Saving Who?

    Doctor Who S08E06: "The Caretaker" The Doctor Who episodes that feature the Doctor living outside of his comfort zone and that force him to function within the confines of every day human

  • Portal FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by MGreen

    Walls and floors can be made out of it. If they are, you can't put portals on them. Bummer. BUTTONS. All buttons are red. Some buttons are small, and you can press them yourself with the USE key, whereupon they'll activate something. Usually, the button will reset after a while and the thing it activated will shut down. Other button are large, and you can activate them by standing on them, but

  • Management Bootcamp

    Management Bootcamp The first appointment to a supervisory position is a big step in anyone's career as it marks the beginning of a shift from "doing things" to "getting things done".

  • With Secret Service director out, what's next for the

    The panel, he said, will recommend specific reforms that will ensure the agency has the appropriate leadership structure, culture, protocols, training, tools and resources.

  • With iOS 8, Apple opens its garden, but keeps thorns

    Operating Systems With iOS 8, Apple opens its garden, but keeps thorns sharper than ever. The iPhone maker is finally letting developers access more of its mobile OS.

  • 15 homes that will help you survive a disaster

    15 homes that will help you survive a disaster. The Safe House. The house opens up to a garden and in the process creates a courtyard where visitors wait until they are allowed inside.

  • Top 10 remodeling projects for adding value to your home

    According to Remodeling Magazine's 2014 Cost V. Value report, homeowners who install a steel door can expect to recoup nearly 97 percent of the cost when the home sells.

  • Face the Nation Transcripts March 15, 2015: Kerry, Cotton

    So you can imagine Senator Cotton hearing that and pulling out his quill pen and dashing off another letter now to Assad and saying, watch out, man. SCHIEFFER: I'm going to make a prediction. I'm

  • Ep. 1357: Welcome to the Tensies

    Still make them able to figure out what you're like what you really like even if you are you guys happy you made your -- the profile public. Wow. On that. Yet thank you can -- that and let's

  • Fallout 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Absolute Steve

    This way you can make several trips to a trader or your home and pick up all the items from one simple location, namely that one box you put everything in during exploration. Takes a little extra time, but can save you lots of time later. Game Difficulty: ===== In comparison to many other games, you can ALWAYS adjust the difficulty whenever you want during your playthrough, at any given time

  • Coaches split on how much impact can truly be made by the

    The NCAA-appointed Commission on College Basketball made public on Wednesday its proposals that posit a positive path toward reshaping the sport.

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