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round swimming pool decks calculate the lumber needed

  • Tales of Vesperia FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by DomZ

    Continue north down the hallway and round the corner. Proceed south; take a quick detour to the right to find a chest containing a Life Bottle, then head back to the hall and continue south to reach a room containing a big statue. First off, open the two treasure chests for an Apple Gel and an Orange Gel. Grab the base of the statue with A and pull it aside to reveal a hidden exit leading down

  • Okami FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by Deathborn 668

    You want to make your way towards the southern end, near the small pool of water. There isn't a single thing of interest on your way there, save a few chests containing some treasures if you want them real bad. You'll pick up the Thunder Brew on your way there. You'll be needing it later. At the south end of the cavern is a Devil Gate. Enter it to face off against a Black Imp. These guys will

  • Eternal Sonata FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

    If you need to heal up, which you will, then scroll through the items to get the one you want at any time during the action including the enemy's turn and then attack and use the item quickly on the same turn. I took in 2 Angel Trumpets and made up the rest with Peach Cookies and Floral Powders and used them all bar one Angel Trumpet. After the battle both will be at Level 7 and you're

  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    However, the Health pool does round down, so that level will show a gain of 4 Health. The next level, assuming Endurance stays at 45, will again register a 4.5 Health gain in the game's files. However, the Health pool will increase by 5, reflecting the summation of the two half-point gains. Importantly, the calculation uses base Endurance only. While this does factor in Birthsign boosts

  • Okami HD FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by forweg

    You should see a little pool of water above and to the north of the sapling. Roll the sphere up one of the ramps leading up there, and into the pool of water. It will begin elevating like a fountain. Go north as far as possible to see a small chunk of sky. D a sun there and tada the sapling grows, plus a constellation appears. Fill out the constellation two missing stars this time

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Book Guide for Xbox 360 by

    He needed to jump from the tower, past the walls, and hit the tree on the other side. The tree branches would hurt, but they would break his fall, and there was a pile of hay he had left under the tree to prevent further injury. Eslaf was about to leap when the occupant of the room woke up with a start, yelling, 'My gem ' Eslaf and stared at him for a second, wide-eyed. They looked alike. Not

  • Nintendo DS Games from A-Z by Title at Metacritic, letter M

    Fasten your seat belts for the exciting new action racing game, M and M'S Kart Racing M and M'S Kart Racing breathes new life into the arcade racing by combining the adventure elements collecting items on the race track and high speed racing with the funny and parodic style of candy competition.

  • Battlefield Hardline Trophy Guide for Xbox One by barticle

    o Disable the alarm in the cabanas area poolside From the swimming pool, facing towards the ocean, you'll see one hut to your left. The alarm switch is on a column on the left side. The game gives you two entry routes into the mansion compound and there are trophies for both of them. If you're going for platinum and therefore playing the campn twice then feel free to use one each

  • Ninja Gaiden FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by antseezee

    Swimming - In certain levels during the game, you'll be forced to make use of your surrounding environment. You can swim by pointing the control pad in a certain direction, and pressing A to dive in that certain direction. Running on Water - To run across water, you must be stepping from land directly onto water. Rapidly tap the A button, and you should "twinkle-toe" your way

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic FAQ/Walkthrough for

    Garouk, on the right side of the room, is looking to get out of the gambling game, so offers to sell his deck - along with a free lesson - for fifty credits. If you're interested in doing it now, however, read the boxed section below; otherwise, skip it and come back whenever you're ready. ===== ----- P a z a a k ----- =====SIDE-QUEST Pay the 50 credits for your starting deck and lesson from

  • TheVivas' profile

    "Calculate the inbound velocity of a Scorpion missile. Factor in my reaction time and the jet's inbound speed and distance at launch, and tell me the instant I need to move to sidestep and deflect

  • Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut 2011 FAQ/Walkthrough

    As it is now, you need to use the Sky Deck to reach him Isnt that funny? When the cinema ends, walk forward to a door past a monitor to find the way to the Sky Deck. Take it and youll enter into Stage 8. ----- Sky Deck ----- Well, it seems that Tails has come along for the ride this time. Walk around your starting cylinder to collect all the rings, and then jump for the

  • Family Feud FAQ for Super Nintendo by Guard Master

    The game is played in a standard order of: Bullseye Round if enabled in the options menu , Single Round, Double Round, Triple Round, and finally the Fast Money Round. The Bullseye Round questions are based off of the possible list of questions from the Single Round, Double Round, and Triple Round. The Single Round questions can have a maximum of twelve available answers, and the Double Round

  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for

    There are three pipes that need fixing, and you need a Repair skill of at least 30 to do this - which you should have by now. 1. The first pipe is on the main path when you enter Megaton and head downwards. 2. The second pipe is more to the southeast of the area, following the main path and taking a bend to the left upwards. If you look at your map, it looks like you're just below the Women's

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