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  • Illbleed FAQ/Walkthrough for Dreamcast by RJStreety

    Items List ===== STORYLINE ===== "Illbleed" is the name of an amusement park created by the multi millionaire horror movie producer, Michael Reynolds. He makes a bold offer that if anyone who can survive through all six worlds of his park will receive a prize of a hundred million dollars. No one has ever lived to claim the prize. We now happen upon the Horror Movie Research Club, headed by

  • Read User Reviews and Submit your own for The Witness on

    Panels, panels, panels. This game reminds me a Talos Principle in a few ways, but The Witness is inferior in every aspect. Talos Principle had good puzzles, great story and introduced new gameplay mechanics through all the game.

  • Max Payne FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Ed Osciak III

    the belly of the nightclub was a gothic theme park that began with bondage games, and led to the nasty stuff from there. Jack Lupino like father, like son. Here, you will start in front of Ragna Rock and you will have already passed through the security line. Congrats, you've gotten in to this exclusive club. Turn around and go towards the Ticket Window and make a left. Continue going

  • Forbidden Siren 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

    ----- File063 - Amusement Park Pamphlet Character / Ikuko Kifune Time / 08:00 Place / Yamijima Amusement Park/Flower Plaza Required / Inspect the Park Map How to get the file: During Ikuko Kifune's 08:00 Stage, go to the Flower Bed area and Inspect the big park map. ----- File064 - Mbembe Cola Bottle Cap Character / Ikuko Kifune Time / 08:00 Place / Yamijima Amusement Park/Fountain Plaza

  • Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Conquerer

    Pendulum ----- Location s : Lakeside Amusement Park, Nightmare Mall, Underpass, Construction Site, Silent Hill, Lakeside Amusement Park Revisited, Church. Appearance: Looks somewhat like a spider. Has needles for legs and is wrapped in a cocoon. Has two heads with blades on each of them. Strategy: Usually the best thing to do with Pendulums is to simply run away. When you shoot them, it will

  • Ape Escape FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by American

    Total Monkeys - 24 Required Gadgets - Magic Punch Specter Coins - 10 As Specter will explain, he's created this amusement park and hidden your friends Natalie and the Professor somewhere inside. Start off by heading forward into the park and into the Specter Circus, which is in the back. Specter Circus Head forward and you'll find the Professor, but he's locked away inside some tower

  • Search Party

    Fence with an Englishman. 3. Separate two lovers and bring them back together again. 4. Disguise a female as a male and make her prove her manhood. 5. Show that all the world is a stage. This was

  • Cinema Unkind To Suburbs

    In both places, the Virtual Republic and the bedroom community, Father knew best in a Leave-It-to-Beaver-theme park, the same theme park of nuclear families, shiny appliances, safe schools

  • Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by adarkervision

    It can be of limited use against the Lakeside Amusement Park's Boss, but that is about it. I-f. Tricks of the Trade I-f-1. Before you Begin Silent Hill 3 has a number of variables that you can adjust in the "Options" Menu, from picture and sound to the color and quantity of blood and how your game controls. Since everyone's systems and preferences are different until I am in charge and you

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

    Amusement Park ----- Climb over and head right. Keep going forward to find a cardbox box on a bench. Open it to get "The Dragon" memento. Climb into the park on the left. Get the keys on the jacket to open the door. Once outside go to the photo cutout board by the castle and take a picture of it for a echo. Now head to the other end to find the Arcade on the right. Examine the slot machine

  • Silent Hill Game

    Cybil Bennett. The next scene shows Harry awakening inside a diner from what appears to have been a nightmare. Also present in the diner is the female police officer Harry saw earlier on the road, who approaches Harry and questions him about what he knows regarding Silent Hill's current bizarre state.

  • Sonic Colors FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by Sonictrainer

    Sonic Colors Wii Walkthrough/FAQ By Sonictrainer ----- Introduction ----- Hi, my name is Ryan aka Sonictrainer and this is the sixth guide Ive posted online and the second full walkthrough

  • Silent Hill HD Collection Puzzle Guide for Xbox 360 by

    The name of Silent Hill's amusement park. Where could you find that? Check your map and find the map of Silent Hill. Look at the top to the right of Lake View Hotel to find the answer: Lakeside Amusement Park. 2. The killer of the two kids. Do you remember reading an article about this? At the bottom of the Wood Side Apartments garbage shoot? Enter your inventory and go to the memo section

  • Jackson A Free Man After Acquittal

    "All of us here and millions around the world love and support you," proclaimed a banner strung across a fence by the amusement park-like compound in Los Olivos that Jackson said he created to

  • Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Walkthrough for Xbox by

    Go through this door and you will find yourself behind all the amusement park stuff. Go left. Ignore the door on the right, it's just a deadend room, and keep walking up the stairs. At the top, turn around and try the door there, it's closed, so go strht there forward, deeper into it. At the end is a door, leave the building through it, then jump to the right onto the roof and through the

  • NieR: Automata FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by

    Location: machine in the eastern side of City Ruins near the entrance to the sewers passage leading to Amusement Park . You must pick the first option all the time when speaking with him in order to activate the quest.

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